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Six pounds of fentanyl seized during Ohio traffic stop

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  • Six pounds of fentanyl seized during Ohio traffic stop

    DAYTON, OH (WDTN) – Six pounds of pure fentanyl was seized during an Ohio traffic stop earlier this week near Dayton.

    Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer said Friday that the seizure came after deputies made a traffic stop.

    As a result of that traffic stop, the Task Force gathered information that led them to two other locations in Montgomery County. One location was a residence on Valley Street. The second was a residence in Harrison Township. Both homes are owned by Kevin Tincher.

    kevin-tincher Tincher now faces charges for possessing 20 pounds of additional drugs, including crystal meth, heroin, pure fentanyl, marijuana, cocaine and THC edibles.

    Detectives also recovered over $20,000 in cash and six handguns.

    Plummer went on to say that over the past two weeks, Miami Valley Bulk Smuggling Task Force and the RANGE Task Force have taken in over 40 pounds of drugs off of Montgomery County streets.

    The fatal dose of fentanyl for an average adult male is about three milligrams. Six pounds of fentanyl is enough for more than 900,000 fatal doses.

    You can watch the full news conference from Sheriff Plummer below.
    Six pounds of pure fentanyl was seized during an Ohio traffic stop earlier this week.
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    Im a recovering addict, 8 years clean. This epidemic breaks my heart. If we as a community & country there is NO HOPE! People need to realize ADDICTION IS A DISEASE! AND THERE ARE TREATMENTS! People need to be made aware there is SOME HELP OUT THERE. Very little, we need more treatment centers, clinics, counceling, therapy. And AT LITTLE TO NO COST, MOST IN THE MIST OF ADDICTION YOU HAVE NO $$$! MOST ARE HOMELESS, NO FOOD, CLOTHS, ECT.


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      I really wish these reporters would fact-check before they write this stuff. Fentanyl is dosed in MICROgrams, not milligrams! Three MILLIgrams, would be fatal to several people who are opiate naive, not just one average man. When papers write these inaccurate facts, people are relying on faulty, and in cases like this, potentially fatal mostakes!


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