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We All Make Mistakes

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  • We All Make Mistakes

    "Accept the fallibility of yourself, and others." Everybody makes mistakes. However, just because you make a mistake, does not mean that you are a terrible person, nor should you give up on your goals. We should all take mistakes, as learning experiences, not defeat. We can all grow, and continue to grow. For me, I had been on-and-off of drugs, for seven years. Everytime that I would get clean, if I would mess up in any way shape, or form, I would want to throw in the towel. Everytime my relapses got worse, and they got worse quicker. All of the things that I said that I never would do, or that would not happen to me, happened to me. It became harder to bring myself back into the rooms of NA/AA with each relapse, because of my guilt, shame, and remorse. Today, I want to recover, and I choose recovery, daily. I know that I am not, nor will I ever be the "model" recovering addict, but I put forth 100% effort, to be my best. I accept that I will make mistakes. However, I know that mistakes are only learning experiences, and they do not define me, nor do your mistakes have to define you.
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