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Taking Responsibility Over Addiction

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  • Taking Responsibility Over Addiction

    Taking responsibility for everything that we think, say, feel and do is very difficult for many individuals, especially addicts and alcoholics. Their tendency is to look for and create an excuse for their experiences including the consequences of their using. They tend to blame other people, places and things for the drug and alcohol addiction and the array of problems that they create as a result.

    The tendency to is to adamantly deny any responsibility for being apart of causing or creating the experiences that they have especially those associated with their drug and alcohol addiction. Many addicts and alcoholics would prefer to play victim and stay stuck in their pain and continue their drug and alcohol addiction than to assume total responsibility and do the work to transform our life.

    Convenient excuses to use and other people, places and things to blame range from the drugs, drug dealers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, our environment, including parents, our genetic structure and others too numerous to mention. What they all have in common is that the most important component is missing, the real cause, the responsibility of how the addict and alcoholic created the addiction to drugs and alcohol.

    If an addict or alcoholic blames anything or anyone for their addiction to drugs and alcohol there will be no responsibility assumed. If there is no full and complete responsibility for their addiction to drugs and alcohol there will be no real recovery and as a result the tendency and possibility to use will continue to exist, there will always be a hall pass for the individual addict and alcoholic to use when they want.

    Dr. Harry Henshaw
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