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Edges - A Drug Addiction Poem

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  • Edges - A Drug Addiction Poem

    . EDGES
    Been to the edge of the calmest sea
    Sat on shore sinking into the sand
    Wondered how far I'd have to sail to
    be me
    But something always told me I can't
    Stood leaning over the edge of a cliff
    Yet knew I would never fall down
    Always felt God gave me special gifts
    Just didn't know if I'd ever come around
    Drank myself to the edge of wits ends
    And always woke up wishing I didn't
    Told myself I had scores of friends
    But who on earth was I kidding
    Felt both sharp edges of a razor blade
    Cut the inside and outside of living
    I've never dreams of having it made
    Yet so many I was put here for giving
    We always find an alibi or excuse
    When it comes time to put someone to rest
    Instead of convincing victims of abuse
    Only in living can they pass the test
    Now's My time what's left I don't know
    But I'm going to take every moment I can
    As far as the edge will allow me to go
    To get placed in the Good Lords Hands

    James Patrick Rafuse
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