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So Sad For Yet Another R.I.P.

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  • So Sad For Yet Another R.I.P.

    Just too much that my eyes don’t want to see~
    its every single day,
    so saddened
    for yet another .. R. I. P. 💔

    A son, a daughter, a sister or a friend. I think to myself my God when will this end?!

    I imagine all the families,
    and the pain that they now feel,
    losing someone you dearly love, is a journey straight to hell...

    No words for this horrific pain, they may hear, “at least they are now free..”As heartfelt as they’re meant to be....
    these words seem just so dam empty to me.

    They’ll find a new focus, this loss won’t be in vain, they’ll stumble through the numbness, in shock, in tremendous amounts of pain.

    I wish for them healing within their hearts,
    to be able to smile once again.

    Hearts are hurting for many, so many we have lost over all these years,
    When is enough, enough?
    I think we’ve already had our fair share of tears.

    There are just no right words in times like these, but we’ll keep offering our sympathies...
    as families worldwide continue dropping..
    & falling to their knees.

    Suffering pure agony in a state of complete despair, as families pray over their loved ones ... who are suddenly... no longer there.

    I wish I held a magic wand to take away sadness and their pain,
    In hopes they may find some peace within,
    to feel happiness..
    through the rain.
    ~Sheryl Mitchell 🦋💜🦋
    #DedicatedToThoseTakenTooSoonAnd #TheOnesTheyLeftBehind #NeverToBeForgotten
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