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Worried My Boyfriend Is Using Drugs

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  • Worried My Boyfriend Is Using Drugs

    I’m new here as of today. I am so very worried about a guy that I have been dating since May 2017. He was honest with me from the beginning about his taking percocets. He said that he only takes them once in a while but I think he is lying. I noticed a change in his behavior sometimes. He is all over the place & recently I don’t hear from him for a couple of days when he normally called me almost every day. I noticed that his hands shakes a lot & he is forgetting things that happened the day before. I believe that he is taking percocets every day although he tells me he only takes them when he is feeling down. Would someone please tell me the symptoms of using percocets please? He makes really good money so I’m guessing he is buying the percocets off the streets.

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    Hello Worried, I am glad to see you posting a question so that you are handling this from a place of knowledge instead of emotion. First of all it is possible that he is just taking them every once in awhile but highly doubtful. The changes you see in his behavior could be due to him not being able to find the drug, trying not to take the drug or just being a When his hands are shaking and stuff he prob. doesnt have anything. If I were you I would just tell him that he can be totally honest with you. I guess it depends on how serious this relationship is really. I hate to say this but if it isn't very serious yet I would move on. I myself used opiates for twenty years and its a tough life to live but an even tougher life for those that love the addict. IF you are going to stick around you should go to alanon and get a better idea of what loving an addict means. Please feel free to write more here. I would love to help you through this either way.


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      Thank you so much Joann! I really care for this guy but I know what’s best for me is to part ways before things gets worse. I appreciate your candor. Thanks again 😀


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        Welcome to our heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum. Joann has given some great advice and while I know it's difficult to say goodbye to someone you care about, anyone actively using drugs will likely lie, cheat, manipulate and steal, putting drugs far ahead of any relationship you have with him. Also, as far as symptoms, we do have some articles on this forum about symptoms of heroin use, which is very similar to Percocet (oxycodone) use. I've pasted a few below for your reference so you can see. Hands shaking could potentially be one of them, but not for everyone. As a former heroin and oxycodone (Percocet) addict, I know I experienced a lot of these symptoms.

        Here they are:

        Heroin Addiction Warning Signs

        Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Use - What To Look For?

        We would certainly like to be here for you during this and as Joann said, check out some Alanon meetings.

        Peace and Love,

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