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  • Any Cannabis Lovers Here?

    Any marijuana lovers here or am I the only one? It honestly really works to reduce heroin side withdrawal

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    Yes I can see how marijuana can be addictive but for a veteran with PTSD the benefits far outweigh the negative sides of marijuana.


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      I do not use Marijuana because I was afraid of losing my job but I do not understand why it is not legalized. I have never used other street drugs but I did use marijuana in the 70s. It never hurt me.


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        I know this is an older topic but I thought I'm add my two cents. Marijuana is a whole lot safter than opioids and heroin. In fact, nobody has overdosed and died from marijuana. However, it's still a mind altering substance and people can and do often become addicted to it. Generally speaking, I don't have a huge problem with marijuana if and when used occasionally and responsibly in a similar way I don't have a problem with someone who has the occasional glass of wine with dinner and doesn't drive under the influence. Of course, I also believe in respecting the law of your area so if marijuana is illegal, don't smoke it. Otherwise, you risk going to jail and it's just simply not worth it. On the other hand, I DO have a major problem with people who try to justify their marijuana addiction by claiming it has medical benefits. Now don't get me wrong....I have seen the evidence and agree that marijuana does have medical benefits. But then again, opioids contain medical benefits too. After all, it significantly reduces pain. But most people would agree that someone snorting oxycodone on a daily basis is addicted and dependent on it and the primary reason they are using isn't for medical reasons. Similarly, most marijuana enthusiasts who smoke multiple times daily are smoking primarily for a "high" and not because of a medical condition. Do some of these individuals also have medical conditions that it helps? Absolutely. But if they were interested in simply alleviating a medical condition, they can take it in pill form and not smoke it. Just some food for thought :-).

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