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Why is Narcan (Naloxone) So Expensive?

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  • Why is Narcan (Naloxone) So Expensive?

    The below comment was posted by our assistant publisher Crystal Oertle on Facebook. She made some excellent points so I thought I would share it here with an appropriate title. I encourage anyone and everyone reading to share their thoughts on this important topic.


    I want to know something... I'm so irate right now!!!!!!! I was going to buy a Narcan kit to keep on my person. So I asked Drugmart how much one is..... Are you ready for this??


    $80 ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!! What addict in active addiction is going to afford that so they can have it on them in case the worst happens???!!!
    Why is it ok to charge that much for something that can save someone's life?!!

    Does anyone know if/how you can get one with a prescription?


    This was my response to Crystal...

    Crystal Oertle I don't blame you for being mad, that is preposterous. A good friend of mine in the online recovery community Gene St. Pierre sent me one but I had no idea they were this expensive. In general, I totally agree that this is a major problem and they shouldn't be this expensive. Because while recovery advocates may be able to help one another out and donate one here and there to each other, what about the vast majority of the world suffering from addiction being told they should carry this around to save their own Life. And you're right, what active addict is going to have $80 or would actually put $80 towards this one they could put it towards more drugs? I believe it is now out rage and even though perhaps we can do something here to help each other out and get you some on hand, I wonder if there's something we can do the fight and petition to try to get the price lowered.

    What are your thoughts?
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