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  • Drug addiction treatments?

    Hey, I was shocked to realize that my best friend became a drug addict. She was such a sweetheart when she was with me in the school. After school, she had to stay in the hostel. She got into bad friendship and started using drugs. Her mother rang me up and asked me to find a solution to this. I have heard that drug addiction treatments (Edgewood Health Network) can really help a person to come out of addiction. I liked to know more about the treatment procedures. Will it affect her married life? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions.

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    I'm sorry for the delay and offering a response to this topic however, given that you hotlinked "addiction treatments" to Edgewood Health Network, which I'd say is exceptionally random given that your post sounded sincere in asking for addiction treatment for your best friend. I would think if you were looking for genuine help, that you would've just asked about Edgewood Health Network and not tried to provide a free link to it back from our popular community.

    Because of that, I will not provide any genuine advise until I hear back from you with the explanation as to why this particular post seems like you are spamming us and just trying to covertly promote a drug rehab/addiction treatment center. This is very shady practice and if anything, we catch these things that will make your treatment center look bad.

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      I agree with William, usually people genuinely asking for help about treatment don't mention a specific treatment facility. It comes off as a marketing attempt. If that is not the case, I honestly think that going to treatment would only help a marriage, because it's difficult to be in a successful marriage when using, all the addict cares about is how to get the next fix. Most rehabs have a 30 day program (can be longer) and first the patient will go through a detox. After the detox they work on the mental aspect of addiction. 👑Megan


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        One may opt for a retreat center rehab facility, rehabbing on a beach will definitely be a total vacation from not just our addictions but the environment at home or in the neighborhood as a whole. if one is near san diego, these guys i'd say best rehab in San Diego (promotional link removed)


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          Why not visit or contact Niznik Lab Corp. which located at Miami Gardens, Florida. As far as I know they have modern facilities like local blood testing labs, laboratory drug testing services and more.


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