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  • Want Off Methadone ASAP

    I am trying to come off of methadone I have went from 100 to 20 in a month b.c I am tired of being a slave n now spending all my money on this drug I just want off I want to wake up without having to take something my daughter is now 10 m she is starting to see n I don't want this for our family

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    If you are attending a methadone clinic, I don't suggest tapering off so fast. I admire your desire to get off of it, but likely the reason you got on it in the first place is to avoid opiate or heroin withdrawal. If you taper down too fast, you will likely experience a 30 day long methadone withdrawal that for many, is intolerable. In my opinion and experience, a slow taper is much better. Yes, it takes longer, but by the time you get off of it, you won't experience any withdrawal or if you do, it will be minimal. Personally, I went from 70 to 0mg going 1mg a week. So yes, it took 70 weeks, but when I got off, I didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms and I felt good.

    Please also remember there is no shame in undergoing MAT (medicine assisted treatment), despite the stigma out there (as long as you aren't abusing it by coupling it with other drugs, etc.). That said, I think it's a good idea to eventually get off of it, but doing it the right way, you'll be much better off and will be far less tempted to experience a drug relapse.

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