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  • Call Back Rules/Regulations Take Homes Methadone

    Hi I’m new here but not to Methadone treatment. This seems to be a good community of intelligent members looking to help.

    So my first question for everyone. What are your clinics rules on getting call backs to show your unopened take homes? What frequency are they given? Does your Clinic have a certain number of them done depending on your number of take homes? Also if willing what state you are in?

    So now my story. Long story short I am at a clinic that has the following call back “minimums”. 2-6 take homes one call back every 3 months. 13 take homes (two weeks worth) a call back every month. I am a working professional that does a lot of travel for work. I have told my Clinic this and they insist that I still need to have a call back every 3 months. Side note been at this clinic for 4 years and haven’t had one positive drug screen, no failed call backs, no criminal record, solid family. So I go once a week, I could have gone up to two weeks but the call back every month would be impossible job wise. Anyways I just got a call back in the beginning of December. Now on Saturday December 30th they called me at 2:45 PM. They said “you have a call back tomorrow and need to report to the clinic at 7:00 AM. We will only be open until a handful of patients who just started the program dose.” So I called them back right away and asked how long that would be. I was told between 10-20 minutes. I said so I have at most 20 min window on Sunday New Year’s Eve to report for a call back. She said yes that’s exactly right. I said my extended family and my gf extended family are in town. We go to church every Sunday TOGETHER during the holidays. I have no idea how I will be able to make this work without multiple people in both families finding out about the program but I will try. She literally snickered and said alright I will note it. I was unable to make it now I’m in limbo until my next dosing day.

    So after reading my story, what are your thoughts? Do they have the right to do this? Even if they have the right, do you think this was right? Lastly do you think something like this could ever happen at your Clinic?


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    Welcome to our heroin and drug addiction and recovery discussion forum community. I really appreciate you sharing your story and bringing up this important topic. As a former methadone maintenance therapy patient, I do know that my former methadone clinic did allegedly and occasionally issue call backs to see on opened take homes. And even though I had three take-home’s, I never received a phone call asking me to come back to show them. Now I don’t know how often they issued this practice however, private methadone maintenance therapy clinics are technically allowed to issue any policy they wish. The truth is, you probably signed something during your admission that agreed to their terms. So even though it is inconvenient for you, technically, I’m sure they do have the right to continue this practice even though I’m not saying that they always should especially for working professionals who are exceptionally busy.

    I would hope that a methadone clinic maybe test an individual or couple times and if they have proven that they are not selling their take-home was or doing something with it but he shouldn’t, that they would lay off for a while and not continue to burden somebody who lives far away or works out of the area, etc.

    My methadone clinic however, used to always say that take home methadone medication was a privilege and not a requirement and therefore, they could issue a policy they wish and take them away anytime they wish. Even though that might be cool, technically they are correct. A lot of clinics don’t even offer take home medication, they make you come in seven times a week. Take homes have always been used as a reward for following program correctly and doing well in your recovery.

    Believe me, I feel for you and certainly think you should continue to talk with him and explain the inconvenience and maybe even work something out where they don’t hit you up as much, there’s really nothing anyone can do to stop them from continuing a policy that they had every right to create.

    It seems like you are doing well in your program, how many milligrams are you all? Do you have any plans to table off and be done? Or do you plan to stay on methadone for a long time?

    We look forward to your response.

    Peace and love,

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      Well first I just want to say thank you for responding. I am at higher dose for most clinics but not for this one. This clinic is I’m at 215. I was at a previous clinic for 3 years before coming here at that one I never went over 130. Long story trying to shorten as much as possible. The Clinic I came from was a CRC which isn’t huge but was a larger company. The Clinic I joined was a small company owned by two doctors who where the medical directors for 4-5 clinics. They loved to jack peoples doses up and pull or never gave take homes. Later on I learned that well fiscally speaking patients on insurance specifically state insureance are worth a lot more to them if they come everyday. I don’t know the specifics anymore but if you dose daily they can charge the insurance company for staff and other things daily. If you get a take home they only can collect on the cost of the Methadone itself. So I’ve never had any sort of hard evidence to prove this but it made sense to why they messed with so many people and never allowed take homes or made take homes a living nightmare. Such as a call back every month if your a two week patient. Anyways they got bought by Acadia and things are finally changing but the director and Clinic superviser are still the same so they haven’t changed any policies.

      So to my original comment, I actually called the state
      authority and explained my case to them. The person in charge in Wisconsin right now is an unbelievable god send without them I wouldn’t still have a job. She has straightened this Clinic out on my behalf twice and as of today now a 3rd time. So I spoke to my counselor today and I am not going to be punished for missing the call back. Although the state did say the same as you have said that technically they have the right but that doesn’t make it ethical. So at first I was a little worried that I bit off a little to much with trying to just make this Clinic more manageable not only to me but other patients.

      On that topic it honestly makes me sick to my stomach to how little Clinics that I have been to actually inform the patients that they have rights. Sure there is a badly worded document on the wall but who actually reads that. I have seen so many other patients just get step on and tossed around because they instill this your an addict you have no rights, you should just thank us for dosing you.

      Personally I complained to the state about my privacy because the dosing windows were literally visible from the parking lot of a busy strip mall. Not to mention any other person who is in the waiting room. I actually told the director I don’t want to call the state but this needs to be addressed. I handed her the state regulations on privacy and said I made a copy for you please read thru this. She wouldn’t even pick it up and look at it, she said okay I’ll look into it. Nothing happened so I called the state and now just in the last 3 months they are finally
      putting up walls for us.

      If I wasn’t still on the program and had the time and energy to go back to school I would become some kind of a rights person for clinics. Especially with the explosion of addicts now I can only imagine how bad things can get with more and more clinics and less oversight. I am starting to taper next month and hope to be off in a year. The Clinic saved my life, allowed me a normal job, family, etc... which I think it can work for 75% of the addicts if they are actually treated like human beings. I had a bright light at the end of my tunnel to stay clean and keep going to make me committed which help. Although I have seen numerous people who were literally going great years clean got a lot of take homes life’s good. The Clinic decides they want to mess with you for something in their minds or even a legitimate issue. Although instead of giving them a punishment that coincides with the offense. They go and take all their take homes away and say your starting over. More or less saying the last 2 years were a complete waste.

      I apologize for rambling but it’s just great that I have some others who are aware and know how the system is.

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    Doit78, Hi. I am in Florida & went to a methadone clinic for 8 years & 10 months. I was called back twice. I'm not sure what the rules were on call backs but obviously they weren't very strict on them. Since I only got called back 2 times in almost 9 years. I do think that it should be a rule because many addicts are not serious about getting clean & I know many people that sold their take homes, however, I think it should be made on individual basis. I think the clinic needs to be a little more flexible. In situations like yours, where you've never been dirty on a urine test & have a full time job that makes you travel, you're obviously doing what your suppose to be doing. Can't they work with you a little? Give you a pass maybe once or give you 48 hrs instead of 24. I mean, come on. We all deserve a little reward for doing what's right. That's truly my opinion. I actually got a rule changed at my clinic. It had to do with holiday bottles & the day you came in to pick up. It use to be that if the holiday was on a Monday, then Monday pick up people got an extra holiday bottle regardless of your phase. But if your pick up day fell on the Tuesday, you didn't get it. Well, I was a phase 6 & I thought because I was clean for 2 years that I too should get an extra bottle. I mean, just cause my assigned day was different, doesn't mean I like to come in more. Especially since someone that was only clean 30 days was being given an extra bottle. Might seem selfish, but little rewards help me work harder to do better. Anyhow, back to your situation. I'm proud of you for doing the right thing & being serious about getting clean. Try to be patient & talk to your counselor calmly. Maybe they will work with you. If not, well, remain calm. Being mature about things gets you further in life in the long run. And I'll pray for you. I know you deserve the best & you are doing a great job. Keep fighting!


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      Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion. Feel free to share your heroin or opioid addiction and recovery story in the "drug addiction and recovery stories" forum by creating a new topic :-).

      Peace and love,

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