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4 Months Anniversary Off Drugs - Using Methadone

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  • 4 Months Anniversary Off Drugs - Using Methadone

    Today is my 4 month anniversary of being in a methadone maintenance program. I'm in Cleveland Ohio, take homes at my clinic only happens after you have completed an HIV course and passed the written exam and have your certificate then you can start counting six clean urine screens in a row then you are eligible for two take homes a week.

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    Congratulations on being 4 months clean an sober off of opiates. Methadone can be a great tool (coupled with counseling) to get and stay off of heroin and opioids. That's interesting to hear about take homes - that you have to pass an HIV course. Take homes are a privilege and certainly something that can be convenient so you don't have to go into the clinic every day. I am a former methadone patient and by the time I left, I had 3 take homes and only had to go in 4 times a week, which was convenient.

    If there's anything we can do for you, please let me know.

    Peace and Love,

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      Congrats Lindacupach!! That is amazing. Sounds like the take-home plan isn't too hard to get into. Just remember, don't go way up on your dose just because you can. It can be dangerous and when you decide to come off of methadone it will make that withdrawal even worse. You don't want that, believe me. Please keep us posted. We would love to support you on this journey and I know many others can benefit from hearing your experience.


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