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3 Day Opiate Detox at MDS Drug Detox of Southfield, Michigan

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    Again, I agree with you 100%! That is whty I stated to Laura that I would not bring this person up as I honestly believe that one bad experience does not make a treatment invalid. There are always consumers of services who are unhappy and I do not want to make this an opinion piece.

    All I have asked for is documntation. If she is frustrated, I have to assume it is because she can't furnish the documentation. If I worked and relied on a company for my paycheck, I would eel backed against the wall if i was asked to provide relevant documentation, that I think we all know, does not exisit.

    I do not have a personal problem with Laura! I do not even know her! My problem is the complete lack of transparency. My hope is the addicts in desperation do not put all there eggs in a basket that has no proven effectiveness. (again, not my's words)

    While I know that people often use unconventional treatment when fighting addiction (such as reiki, massage supplements etc.), usually as a companion to other evidence-based treatment. One might argue that these also do not have scientific studies to back efficacy and that is true. The HUGE differenc is that rapid detox is a medical procedure performed under sedation by board cerified physicians. As lisenced physicians, they are responsible to use evidence-based medicine and use procedures that are the standard of care in the medical community. If they were researcher, perhaps there would be more leeway, but they are not. They are making medical, scientific claims with no medical standing and at complete odds with the American Medical Association and the individual boards that are in each individual state.

    If they were advertising this as an alternative procedure with unknown success rates and risks, I wouldn't make a peep. Then people would be aware of what they are stepping into. They would be aware that they are putting themselves through an unproven, experimental and expensive procedure with unknown outcomes. It is all in the transparency. Again, this is not an attack on MDS. There are other clinics doing the exact same thing and people need to know this information.

    Anyone who submits to a medical procedure should be asking these questions and should be demanding asnswers.


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      I have read everything that has been said from first post to last... If these clinics were really out to help the addicts and done to truly save lives then why is it so costly?... If the treatment was truly effect then why is it not affordable or some sort charity program? cause let's face if your in active addiction how in the world are you suppose to pay for a treatment like this... I have a lot questions myself about this even being an option for someone in active addiction.. Who in the world has perfect credit after they been in active addiction? Just based on that information alone seems like these are places who get desperate people in desperate situation for there money alone.. There is a lot of unanswered questions here and I do not see anyone jumping to answer them or provide proof that this procedure even works... I have to agree that if it did work the way they are claming it would be overwhelming to everyone and everyone would be jumping on the opportunity to have it done and insurance company would gladly pay for it... They would be charity programs and doctors and clinics on every block offering this procedure at a affordable or not cost at all... Also I think that all procedures or treatments can be effect depending the person everyone is effected in different ways what may work for one may not work for another... It just sound way to good to be true so chances are its not... Some more information from the office would be helpful.. If this rapid detox really worked then I think it would be a gold mine into recovery and there would be no more addiction problems I am sceptical not just based on the scientific proof but the fact that they are not providing any proof on there end besides what one individual says makes it all very skeptical....


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        (link removed) I found this after doing some research and like I said to good to be true.....


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          One last thing I have done research after research on naltroxone and no matter where you go or where you research it all says the same thing you have to be opiate free for 7-10 days or you can experience severe withdrawls... I have went the MDS website and researched how there procedure is done.. And I can not comprehend how it is would be OK to give patients naltroxone to do a rapid detox in the article I sent a link to it talks about people being strapped to bed cause of failing of the body... Because they are administrating this drug to help push the opiates out if your system they are cause extreme withdrawl they sedate you cause withdrawls are so bad that nobody could possible be awake to handle the withdrawls.. This doesn't even sound legal... Sounds like a waste of money... I can't imagine that in 24 hours when you wake up that you are perfectly fine.... Its not humanly possible I did weeks and weeks of research on naltroxone before u decide to get the vivitrol shot and this can not be safe... The manufacturing company it self warns against it you have to be opiate free 7-10 days can cause severe withdrawls or even death.... Tell me how in the world the rapid detox could be safe at all.... It would throw your body into a severe shock and you would have to feel pretty when you wake up the next day now way you wouldnt.... There has been a few lawsuits against rapid opiate detox centers for deaths and one doctor lost his license cause had more then three reported deaths cause of rapid detox its all on the article I posted a link to.... I would hope anyone thinking of using this procedure as a way to get clean would please take the time to research everything on it before wasting your money and possibly putting their selves through something that there body may never recover from... I am not pin pointing this all to one faculty I am talking about any facility that offers rapid detox as a option... Do your research not just on the procedure but the facility as well...I will continue to do more research over next couple days and post anything in find to help educate the public period.


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            I know you posted this awhile ago, but I just saw it. First off, I did remove the link you posted above as it seems to be promotional. I don't know if you work for that clinic, but we don't allow links to clinics we don't recommend.

            Update: I just realized who you are and I'm guessing you did not post that for promotional reasons as you've been posting here awhile. So I apologize about that. But we still can't allow it anyway just in case it drives people to go there and we can';t endorse them at this time.

            MDS doesn't exist anymore but if you are interested in rapid detox with sedation, there are other clinics. Frankly, I need to learn more about some of the other clinics before I can really recommend one, but I'm going to be researching some this week.

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