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    We are folk hospital an innovative and unique approach in the world of addiction treatment, psychiatry, and treatment of mental disorders.

    folk hospital Since 1996, there has been no hospital in Egypt, nor in the Middle East, known as rehabilitation centers, and the treatment methods of addiction in Egypt were limited to private hospitals and government to withdraw toxins and mental diseases, and no results have been achieved since then, The addict suffered from this at home and abroad for lack of experience in the treatment of addiction .

    Thus, in cooperation with the largest international institutions in the developed countries in the treatment of addiction and rehabilitation in America, Britain and Holland, Falak Hospital initiated and developed a treatment program for the recovery of addiction developed and successful and is compatible with the Arab and Oriental nature. And has already achieved a remarkable success with a recovery rate of 65%.

    The concept of drugs
    Drugs are manufactured and manufactured chemicals and contain several elements known as hypnotics and tranquilizers. If used for non-medical purposes, they may cause anesthesia and paralysis, paralyzing the nervous system, the respiratory system and the circulatory system with chronic diseases, and often lead to a state of habituation.

    Or the so-called "addiction", causing severe damage to mental health, physical and social, and drugs contain chemicals that affect the way the transmission, reception and processing of nerve cells in the brain information, and the brain is accustomed to these reactions, and the need for drugs to feel more fun or Happinese .

    Types of drugs
    The types of drugs differ according to the method of classification; some are classified according to their effects, others are classified according to the methods of manufacturing and production, and perhaps depending on dependence (psychological) and organic, and vary in the types of drugs in the degree of impact and how it works on the nervous system of humans,
    • Inhaled / (aromatic) such as gum.
    • Cannabis / banjo - hashish - marijuana.
    • Calming / Calmipam - Valium - Rheinol - Rifotril.
    • Hallucinations / LSD - parquetol - DMT - acid.
    • Steroids / cepagons - cocaine - max - crystal meth.
    • Opioids and medical analgesics / opium - morphine - cudine - heroin - tramadol - nubin - neopane .
    What we offer from programs?
    This is because we are the leading hospital in Egypt for the treatment of addiction. Let us look at the programs presented to us in the hospital .
    • 9 steps to addiction treatment drug
    Addiction treatment programs
    The treatment of addiction is one of the most important problems that are draining families and Arab societies. Therefore, all institutions that work in the field of addiction treatment should work to create new programs to solve this problem. We are the first to offer the best addiction treatment programs in the Middle East .
    • The 12 Step Program
    The Twelve Steps are a lifestyle built on spiritual principles written simply in a form numbered between 1 and 12 in a simple sequence.
    • Behavioral cognitive therapy
    Behavioral cognitive therapy is the most important method of psychological therapy, which is used in many problems of addiction and mental illness.

    Drug addiction treatment program
    Addiction to drugs is not limited to a specific category, but exceeds all expectations, and became a global problem that threatens most countries of the world, addiction frightening ghost carries a lot of fear, loss and loss, and treatment is not simple, but you can heal him, God willing .
    • addiction treatment tramado
    • addiction treatment strox
    • addiction treatment alcohol
    • addiction treatment cocaine
    • addiction treatment captagon
    • addiction treatment hashish
    • addiction treatment yrica
    • addiction treatment heroin
    • addiction treatment opium

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