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Can You Take Vitadone While Tapering Off of Methadone?

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  • Can You Take Vitadone While Tapering Off of Methadone?

    I don't know how to confirm a request.just have a question.can u take the vitadone while tapering off methadone?im at 6o mil.and as of 2mrw i cant meet there terms of assigning me a new councler.i work 9 am to 7 she dont have those times to see me so i was going to administrative detox.whic is 10 mil.every 3 days.?

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    Welcome to our heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum. To answer your question, yes, you can use Vitadone while tapering off from Methadone. However, while Vitadone helps with mild side effects you may be experiencing from Methadone and contains vitamins that promote overall health and wellness, I'm concerned that you said you are going to undergo a quick and rapid taper because you can't meet their specifications in a couple of weeks.

    To put it bluntly, just about everyone I know who came off of methadone too quickly (10 ml every 3 days is WAY too fast) experienced heavy withdrawal symptoms for at least 15 to 30 days after stopping methadone.

    While everyone is different, the best and most effective way to taper off of methadone is slow and steady. To be honest, I am one of the only ones that didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms from methadone. I've been off of it about 2 weeks now and feel great. However, I also went very slowly through the program and tapered 1mg every week from 70mg all the way down to 1mg and then after a week of 1mg, I went to 0.

    In my opinion, really do whatever you can to work with the clinic to met their criteria so you can continue a slow taper. 10mg a week let alone every 3 days is exceptionally fast and you will need to prepare yourself for 30 days of discomfort. As for how much discomfort you feel, it varies on the person and people's tolerance to pain.

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