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  • Sobriety and Clarity

    Just wanted to comment on the "Moments of Clarity" mentioned in the Big Book.I have to say in my experience that this is a daily gift of being sober.We are able to look logically, not impulsively and situations that used to baffle us.
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    Great quote and thank you for sharing.
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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Logic and reasoning is surely tainted by our addiction, which alters the brain chemically and structurally. In recovery, as we starve our disease our brain begins to heal, restoring our brains ability for logic and reasoning. Keep up the great work!

      Peace and love,

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        I agree that true inward searching takes time and a clear mental state. I think generally speaking, the teachings of NA/AA are great tools. I myself though, found that it took years and many topics being read for myself to grasp my own spirituality and contentment of self. Never be afraid to search further for more; there is so much information available I sometimes just smile.

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          I am going through the throws of 'PAWS'.. I would like to know how people dealt with feeling like they just hated everything and everyone.. how they got along with even being annoyed with hearing their own voice.. i have only been married for about a year and a half.. i am afraid that me acting like I cant stand my own husband is going to possibly break us apart.. how do I deal with this? the self destructive behavior never ends..


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