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How has the 12 steps and a sponsor worked for you?

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  • How has the 12 steps and a sponsor worked for you?

    I would just like to hear some feedback from people who have had success with the 12 steps and working with a sponsor. I am not a big meeting person for my own reasons, and have tried working the steps with a sponsor, but found it was not something that was benfecial towards my recovery. So if anyone could share their experiences, I would love to hear them 💖Megan

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    Great question Meghan, I have never gone through the 12 steps nor have I ever had a sponsor. I think Alcoholics Anonymous, narcotics anonymous and the 12 steps is a valuable program and obtaining a sponsor can be invaluable as well. For some, this is the ideal approach. For others, not so much. So I too would like to hear from people who have been through it and whether or not they feel it's working for them, what they like about it, what they don't like about it, etc.

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      Hi Megan and William,
      This is a good question sponsorship is a hard one to answer. As both of you know there's not many avenues to go down for help. AA and NA have been around a long time AA more than NA and unfortunately its an archaic program. I've had over the years good sponsors and really bad ones. I also have been a sponsor in the past and have to think I may have fit into the good category some of my sponsees still call on me. the problems I see all the time is AA & NA sponsors are trying to be professional counselors and this can create a lot of problems. I've seen some crazy shit over the years. One sponsor wanted me to go into a rage and beat a stuffed dummy with a baseball bat he was nuts and I walked away that day. There's a problem with the 4th and 5th step requiring you to dig deep into your psyche and those two steps alone I've seen it drive people back out. Granted there's some good to those steps but I firmly believe they are dangerous and is something that should be handled with years of professional help. There's many wrong things involved with the programs of recovery and announcing your name and saying I'm and addict is one of it's an archaic way of shaming and I believe it's a negative, and has negative effects doing it over and over. As you can tell I have a lot of thoughts on the programs of recovery but I still use them but now have branched out to SMART program of healthy thinking. I do like speaking with people who have been to a real bottom and can understand the real struggles. I use only people that listen with a minimum of advise as sounding boards and don't want to pickup a baseball bat. LOL. So anyone reading this pick and chose wisely of who you bring into your life. Blessing to all on your journeys.


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        For me, today I'm truly grateful to be a member of AA/NA. I've found that recovery is more about living life in a spiritual way than it is about not using. I found a sponsor with 27 years clean, who is friendly, wise and like to talk a lot. When he talks I listen. He's never told me to do anything specific but when I have an issue and ask him about he gives me priceless advice. In fact, one of us was celebrating 30 years the other day and discussing his sponsor and mentioned that they are each others sponsor which I thought speaks volumes about How It Works. We help each other. We practice spiritual principles like honesty, open mindedness, willingness, unity, and empathy. We find that when apply these principles to our lives, that our lives get better, and this is the nature of recovery, or recovered. Every time I go to a meeting I get a little perspective on life from each person who speaks and grow from it. If there are new comers there or suffering addicts, hopefully there is something that I have picked up over the years that I can say to help. Which in turn helps me. We keep what we have by giving it away. I am a firm believer that if willing to surrender the first 3 steps can be worked together and that the 12th step should be applied to all your affairs as soon as you have a grasp on step 3.That said, for me, today, I go to meetings because they teach me the nature of unconditional love, and they help me think through my messed up way of thinking. As for alcohol or drugs, will I use them today, no because a whole lot of people who came before me have relapsed into active addiction because of it, and out of fear to not repeat their mistakes. Do I feel like I could probably have a drink, some marijuana, or LSD, probably. Do I still crave my drug of choice, NO. Do I say things like that at meetings, NO, because I don't want to confuse the program or give anyone an excuse to use. The steps have taught me the values, of structure, organization, and setting goals, in addition to there message. The traditions have taught me how to communicate and interact with other people in and outside the fellowship. Today that's what the program means to me. I am Cody Hodges a grateful recovered heroin addict, who attends AA meeting 4-5 nights a week to learn from his friends. Or My name is Cody and I'm an alcoholic if you prefer.
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          I recently starting going to na because I could not kick my addiction by myself. I also have a sponsor. I think it makes a big difference having the support of other people.


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