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What happens once you are off of Vivitrol?

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  • What happens once you are off of Vivitrol?

    This is something I am very curious about. I would like to know if anyone has been on Vivitrol for 6-12 months, got off of it and stayed clean or relapsed? Vivitrol is just recently becoming big, so there isn't much research I can find. I know it does reduce cravings, but i'm wondering if when a person gets off of Vivitrol, do they experience more intense cravings? I am planning on getting off of it soon and would love to hear how people felt once they stopped receiving the injection.💜Megan

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    This is a great question. But may I encourage you that regardless of the data, even if it is or becomes negative and the statistics show a low percentage of success, may I encourage you that statistics have nothing to do with your personal addiction treatment and recovery. I know for example that methadone and Suboxone saves lives. But statistically, the number of people who come off of these medications without relapse is very low. But despite the statistics, I refuse to be one. Methadone was my choice of treatment and I am still tapering down. I am on 9 mg and I go down one every week. I am an anomaly at my clinic because while some have gotten down as low as me before, they trying to come off faster and always ended up either coming back to the clinic or going back up.

    The mind is a powerful tool. I have already made a decision and a conscious choice not to relapse and not to come back to the clinic. Yes this may be bold especially in the face of the AA and NA dogma "just for today". And while I agree with that philosophy to an extent, I also feel that when we are more mature in our recovery that we begin to recognize that longer-term decisions can be made based on our recovery.

    Is relapse possible? Statistically absolutely. What is it going to happen to you or me? As for me, I say no because I am choosing not to. I encourage you to make the same choice despite what any data suggests about those who have come off of Vivitrol.

    Now I realize I digressed from the question, partly because I don't know the answer and partly because I think it's extremely important that we stop the stigma by breaking statistics. That said, it would be interesting to find out statistically what does success rate of people coming off and staying off of Vivitrol / Naltrexone is. I would suspect that it is a higher success rate coming off of naltrexone then methadone or Suboxone because there is no dependents factor. However, there is also no real taper method that I'm aware of.

    So if you do find research that shows statistics on this, please let us know in general. However, I encourage you and everyone else to break free of statistics since our recovery is in our minds.

    Peace and love,

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      Hello! I just recently stopped receiving my monthly shot of vivitrol. I was taking it for 9 months straight. What I've noticed as the medicine was wearing off has been similar to when I first started receiving it. My body overall feels very stiff in the mornings, head is a little foggy and my appetite is hit or miss. I find myself tired often also. As far as cravings go I honestly have none.

      Little backstory. Started using in 2012, went to rehab twice. At the end of my second go I decided to start naltrexone. Was on it for four months, relapsed and at the end of 2016 overdosed & almost died. Went right back on the shot and stayed on it up until September. During that time I did a lot of soul searching & watched a lot of people die from this addiction. I guess it finally clicked in my head how not worth it, it truly is. So as I cannot speak for everyone, in my own experience I have not had one true craving. Subconsciously however, I still have dreams of being on my way to cop but never actually go through with it.

      While I cannot deny the fact that vivitrol has helped me immensely, it has also screwed up my appetite & all of the weight I gained back while in rehab I lost a month after I got out without even trying. I'm still trying my damnedest to gain it back. Mornings are rough, it's hard to wake up no matter how much sleep I get. My cigarette smoking habits are like a rollercoaster. Sometimes I'll go through a pack in a little over a day and other times I'll only smoke one cigarette a day because they seem so unappealing. It's strange. This medication has done a lot of strange things to my body/mind that I (and apparently no one else) can explain but all the while has helped dull my cravings to the point where they no longer exist and for that I am thankful.


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        Hi. I just got started on the Vivitrol shot this week. When u first got the first injection did it take a little time to start dulling ur cravings? It's been two days since my first shot and today makes one week total that I have been clean. About halfway thru the day today out of nowhere I got the most intense craving to get high and knowing it couldn't be on opiates my mind went directly to methamphetamine which has never really been my DOC but it was just a perfect display of just how cunning and powerful this disease is. I was just curious if anyone else had anything like that happen when they first started the Vivitrol


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          I definitely struggled with cravings when I first got on the shot. For me personally after being on it for two full months was when my mind started giving up on consciously wishing for it and when the cravings became a fleeting 2 second thought few and far between. The dreams are what screwed with my head the most.Try & push through it. I would always tell myself I'd much rather be clean wishing to get high then being trapped in that sick cycle wishing to get clean.


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