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Jacob - Waters Edge Recovery Clinic Review

By:Waters Edge Recovery

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Waters Edge Recovery is a Florida alcohol and drug rehab center offering holistic care. Waters Edge Recovery accepts insurance to make your recovery affordable. Call us today to get the best help. 1-855-782-1009

Recovery Radio LIVE - First Show

By:Recovery Radio Featuring RJ Vied

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RecoveryRadio.FM features all you want to know about addiction and recovery and will be featured live ON THE AIR every Tuesday and Thursday from 9pm to 11pm. You can call into the show 954-524-8000. You can view them online on the Recovery Radio Facebook page at or ON THE AIR 96.1 FM from Pompano to West Palm Beach, 97.5 FM from West Palm Beach to Jupiter AND 1340am Throughout Palm Beach County You can also watch or listen to the show by visiting their website at www.RecoveryRadio.FM

Pieces - Song by Rob Thomas

This is a song called "Pieces" by Rob Thomas - while this isn't the typical video I usually post on the site, the lyrics are reminiscent of someone singing to the love of their life who suffers from addiction. And it's like a plea for them to find the inner strength from within and conquer their addiction. I encourage you to listen to this beautiful song and read the lyrics on the screen.

Dealing with Addiction Triggers

By:Crystal Oertle

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In this video, Crystal Oertle, Assistant Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide does a video on triggers and how they can lead back to addiction. Watch this video for more.

Should Drug Rehab Facilities Be Punished?

Should addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities (namely Methadone clinics) be punished if they kick someone out of the clinic for non-payment and they overdose and die from heroin? Because this is happening. Less than reputable methadone clinics are kicking people out the first time they can't pay for a week and because methadone patients rely on their medication, they go out and use to prevent withdrawal. So what happens if they overdose and die? Watch this video.

My Breath Can't Fill Your Lungs - The Video

In this recovery vide, RJ Vied, recovering addict and Director of Public Relations of "Reliance Treatment Center reads his latest article "My breath can't fill your lungs" on video

Just Another Dead Heroin Addict? Not This Time

No, it's not just another dead heroin addict. This is the attitude of the majority of the world. Too many people feel that heroin addicts or those suffering from addiction in general aren't worth saving, or can't be saved. But many posting regularly on this website and community are living proof that we can be saved. Watch this video for more. You can also read the article this video references at "Just Another Dead Heroin Addict? Not This Time!". Click on the link for more.

Carfentanil? Fentanyl? Today's Heroin is More Toxic Than Ever

Carfentanil? Fentanyl? Heroin today is more toxic and deadly than ever. Watch this video to learn more about how to get addiction help and why today, it's more important than ever to get help. Warning: Carfentanil is now in Massachusetts, it's been confirmed. More in this video.

Picture of Overdosed Couple Furthering The Stigma of Addiction

By:Crystal Oertle

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This is Crystal Oertle's video response to the viral photo showing parents who overdosed from heroin in the front seat of a car with their son in the back seat. Crystal is the Assistant Publisher of this community and also the Founder and Owner of Erase The Shame.

Why Addiction is NOT a Choice

By:William - Publisher of this Community

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No, addiction is not a choice. it's a disease of the brain. Watch this video to learn why addiction is a disease and not a choice. Learn how choice plays a role in feeding or starving the disease of addiction. Learn the difference between addiction and dependence. Learn the difference between addiction and using drugs. No, they are not the same thing. This video explains it all!

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