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Our heroin & opiate recovery community is a friendly place to garner support, encouragement and information about various treatment modalities and clinics that we feel can really help. Below, we’d like to introduce the people who dedicate their time and energy into providing personal assistance and help on a daily basis. This includes active participation on our discussion forum and our news/blog page.

william - the publisher
William – Publisher, Founder, Owner

William is the founder and publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™. He has a master’s degree in counseling and is a recovering addict. William has approximately 10 years of website publishing experience and over 20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, website programming, SEO (search engine optimization) and more. He uses his gifts and talents of writing and compassionate caregiving to help those struggling with addiction into treatment and recovery. William started this community to debunk myths about addiction, to spread awareness about the heroin epidemic and most importantly, to help heroin & opiate users find and enter into the best treatment centers and programs to conquer their addiction. You can view William’s story by visiting “The Publisher’s Story“.

Chanda Lynn
Chanda – Page Editor / Writer / Blogger

Chanda Lynn is well known on Facebook for her poetry, advocacy videos and possesses her own Facebook page called “Chanda Lynn The Poetry of an Addict“. Her passion and love for helping others is well demonstrated in her rhymes, rhythms and discussions about the addiction epidemic, treatment and long-term recovery. Chanda has already reached and inspired a multitude of men and women struggling with drug addiction. Recently, she has joined our national organization and recovery community to help us reach an even larger group of individuals who need addiction help. One of her primary goals is to raise awareness about addiction and recovery to “normies” and stop the stigmatizing of addicts. A “war on drugs” is wrongfully incarcerating addicts who need genuine treatment, not handcuffs. Chanda will be managing the Heroin News Facebook page and writing blogs/articles for this website. We are very pleased that Chanda has joined our community and trust that she will do some amazing things. You can view her entire story by visiting “Chanda Lynn’s Drug Addiction and Recovery Story“.

Norma – Recovery Advocate and Writer/Blogger

Norma Garbarek aka Norma Jiean is well known in the online Facebook recovery community, mainly for her role as “super admin” in the online recovery group “New Age Recovery”, now a part of Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide. Norma is very passionate and truly puts her heart into everything she does. She is an inspired blogger and uses her writing as a way to share her own personal addiction and recovery story to reach and help others suffering from drug addiction. Norma will be writing for this community, creating original memes and staying on as the primary admin for New Age Recovery. See “New Age Recovery Merges With Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide” for more information about the merge and Norma’s role in making New Age Recovery what it is today.


Crystal – Assistant Publisher and Forum Co-Moderator

Crystal Oertle is no stranger to sharing her story. She’s been interviewed and presented her heroin addiction & recovery story in front of President Barack Obama, Senators, Congressman and has done multiple presentations in order to help those suffering from addiction get the treatment they need. She has a certificate in Computer Technology for Business and possesses experience in writing and website publishing. Being in recovery has given her a compassion and heart for addicts second to none. Thus, we are very pleased to welcome Crystal to our online recovery community team. You can view her entire story by visiting “Crystal’s Story of Addiction, Recovery and No Shame“.

Megan Sarah

Megan Sarah – Writer/Blogger

Megan, who started as a regular contributing member of our growing heroin forum under the alias “Deftones” is very passionate and a skilled writer. Megan will be primarily responsible for submitting original articles, educational content and blogs to our news and blog pages.

Megan attended Harrisburg Area Community Colleges but dropped out because of a personal battle with heroin addiction. Now, with just over 7 months in recovery, going back to college to complete her degree is on her to-do bucket list. Megan’s primary focus at this point has been her personal recovery from drug addiction. Our heroin forum has been an outlet for Megan to express herself, get support and give back by helping others who are looking for information, treatment options and encouragement. Megan has a background in customer service and is very passionate about helping men and women conquer their heroin and drug addiction.

To learn more about Megan, read her drug addiction and recovery story on our forum titled “Born Again – My Addiction and Recovery Story“. You can also read our article about Megan at “Megan Sarah Joins the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide Team & Mission of Saving Lives“.

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide

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