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Partners, Affiliates and Valuable Resources

Below, we’ve included links to our affiliates, partners and other valuable resources that we feel may help those suffering from opiate, drug or heroin addiction in their road to recovery.

Community Assistance Project

The community Assistance project Incorporated is a non-profit entity. They are the parent company to and advocacy project called Fall River Fights Addiction. The founder and CEO of CAP is Gene St. Pierre. Gene is in long term recovery from heroin addiction and alcoholism. After he completed a two-year Behavior program Gene began his studies to become a chemical dependency professional. After 25 years working in several different modalities and models of treatment she retired and 2010 after cancer surgery.

While helping people on his Facebook page to seek and navigate detoxification for addiction Gene noticed there was a tremendous gap in the understanding of how to seek or even find addiction treatment.
Now retired for several years Gene decided to make a Facebook program and begin to provide assistance to families and addicts to navigate and obtain addiction treatment. It was at that point that gave birth to Fall River fights addiction.

A local marketing firm reached out offering their assistance and support as they felt it was a great and much-needed service. At that point the marketing company began to build the Facebook page and promote it and at one point had 50,000 people reached in a week Those numbers we’re not sustainable because of lack of volunteers.

Soon it was clear that more needed to be done. With the advice of local businessmen and attorneys the community Assistance project Incorporated was filed with the state of Massachusetts. The program is now doing small fundraising events to provide services where they can such as putting together warm items to give to the homeless for the winter, planning an event for at-risk youth, looking at a way of assisting the veterans and senior population in their community. So it was the publicity of addiction and the lack of attention it was receiving that propels a small Facebook page to become a state licensed non-profit organization.

Drug Free Work Place – PA

Drug Free Workplace PA is a nonprofit organization that is funded by a grant from the PCCD. We were established to help create and implement drug free workplace programs for Pennsylvania businesses. We are also tasked to educate Pennsylvanians on the dangers of drug abuse. Drug Free Workplace PA does this through both online trainings and in person trainings at schools, churches, rehabs, corporations, and any organization in need.

Our services include:

Drug free workplace policy creation

Training for supervisors and employees concerning the new policy and workplace issues

Online self-paced training modules on the science of addiction, drug classification, mood disorders, and workplace issues- we also have in person trainings

Family Education Program to teach individuals about the dynamics of drug addiction in the family

Visit our website at:

Name: Amy Green
Phone: 717 454-3100

Erase the Shame

Erase the shame is not just a slogan. It’s a way of life. For those struggling with drug addiction, the will and desire to seek help is often stifled by the judgment of others. To break free of that judgment, addicts truly need to erase the shame and move forward without doubt or fear. Many addicts stress about persecution against themselves and their families, and not just from peers, but the law too. By erasing the shame surrounding their addiction, they can begin to clear the path to their recovery and take those critical first steps towards a healthy and happy life.

With the support of advocates like Crystal Oertle – who is also the Assistant Publisher for Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide, we can start to reverse the stigma surrounding drug abuse and addiction in order to help—not incriminate—those affected by this rising epidemic. View the Erase the Shame Facebook Page.

The Evan Foundation

The Evan Foundation was organized in 2014 & 2015 after founders, John and Stephanie Greene, lost their son, Evan, to an opiate overdose. Like so many others, Evan’s journey began with one pill offered by a peer. That one pill led to a horrific opiate addiction that ultimately ended his life.

John and Stephanie bravely share Evan’s Story as part of a comprehensive program that includes an educational component presented by a Massachusetts State Trooper & Drug Recognition Expert, and an awareness component presented by a recovering addict.

The No First Time 45 minute presentation and 15 minute question and answer period is designed to educate young people on the danger of experimenting with drugs and engaging in risky behavior

Heroin News

Heroin News

Heroin News is a now part of the Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide family of websites and posts all the headlines from around the country that deal with addiction and recovery. We are especially focused on information involving the worldwide heroin epidemic we are currently facing. Heroin News doesn’t care how you find recovery as long as you do. Our focus is spreading awareness and stomping out stigma. View the Heroin News Facebook Page

National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers

National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

The National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC) raises the bar and sets high standards for addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities nationwide. Only those who meet our demanding selection criteria are approved for membership. View the NAATC Facebook page.

Facebook Groups (Private)

In our experience, a number of Facebook groups related to recovery are more concerned about bureaucracy and keeping things contained with the tiny 4 walls of their social media “group”. In other words, linking of any kind to valuable resources (even free ones) is forbidden because group “leaders” are concerned they will lose members to other valuable resources, pages, groups, etc. It is our opinion that these types of groups are more interested in self-promotion than helping people conquer their addiction. Therefore, we are very selective in which groups we recommend you get involved in. Below are a few of the ones we feel confident are genuine and doing what they can to help people.

Note: we can’t possibly keep track of all the genuine and helpful Facebook online recovery groups so if you know of one or if yours is not listed and you’d like it to be, please contact us and we’ll be happy to consider adding yours.

New Age Recovery

Soldiers of Addiction

Sober Pay it Forward

Recovering Artists Worldwide

Choose Hope Not Dope

We do Recover – Life After Prison

Note that the above Facebook groups are private. There are a number of excellent public pages as well however, we are not listing any at this time.

Visit our list of prescreened addiction treatment centers and drug rehabs to see who we recommend. Click here to contact us and for addiction help.

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